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Sunset on Blue Mountain Lake Brock Garrison | Images

Publication Overview

Adirondack Trail Magazine brings to our readership and advertisers a provocative publication with national reach focused on a globally known and cultural rich region recognized for its extraordinary diversity, charm and drama ... The Adirondack Mountains. Our informative content and authentic images passionately capture and detail information that is both contemporary and historical. Its' about New York New York! Readership and marketing penetration is targeted to the 10 million who visit The Park annually and informs millions of additional readers worldwide who seek to learn about this pristine region. Adding to our USA reach is our Latin American readership, its core based out of Ecuador and the Dominican Republic with market penetration now gaining solid interest in the Central and South American markets. Publication readership also demonstrates a substantial metric in Western Europe and the Canadian markets.

Adirondack Trail Magazine features an innovative publishing format based on exceptional "authentic" theme photography with short captions and interesting articles targeted to a wide-ranging and diverse global audience grounded on an extensive demographic. The magazine has a strong feel of LOOK, a large-size magazine that was published from 1937 to 1971 and was best known for having an emphasis on photographs more so than article content; Adirondack Trail Magazine consistently delivers a robust blend of both. Its' about New York New York and the Great Park. The magazine is Adirondack Big, a large format publication printed on rugged high gloss eco-friendly paper and in a state of the art digital edition powered by Turn-Page Digital Software. This includes a unique real-time video feed which enables the publication to be dynamic and not static. This unique methodology keeps each issue fresh enticing readers to see "what's new" in and about New York New York.

Scheduled as a quarterly publication, "The Big Book" is supported in harmony by the cutting-edge monthly Adirondack Trail Registry, our advertising supplement featuring full page advertising placements. The Registry consistently delivers an effective message to boldly showcase and empower your business making Adirondack Trail Magazine a "Tandem Publication Platform", a first in the publishing industry. Adirondack Trail leads the pack on the rack with riveting, "authentic" images. Our Adirondack Ninja, the legendary Charles Saint Genevieve, powers the publication with tasteful content celebrating the wonders of region's people, native and seasonal, places familiar and unfamiliar, its wildlife, historical interests and modern day topics.

"We capture authentic images that we see, true photography, we never digitally enhance, manipulate nor recreate what we saw."

Brock Garrison
Chief Photographer
"Behind the Lens"
"About New York New York"

New, fresh, investigative, Adirondack Trail Magazine blazes a bold marketing approach distinguishing it from the cluttered "me too" North Country publications. Its' all about New York New York. "Get the Fever".