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Adirondack Balance

The Balance OF Ecology and Recreation

The Adirondack Mountains are comprised of a balance of a delicate ecosystem and Adirondack Adrenaline. Visualize the action packed thrill of rafting the Wild White Waters of the Indian and Upper Hudson Rivers. Your journey could start at the legendary Wild Waters Outdoor Center, The Glen, Warrensburg, NY. Wild Waters Outdoor Center guides are fully licensed. They provide skillful instruction to insure a safe and exciting expedition. Wild Waters Outdoor Center will provide all the necessary gear for your 17-mile adrenaline driven white water journey down the Upper Hudson. The launch starts at the headwaters of the Indian River, known as "The Put In", which merges into the "Forever Wild Region" of the Upper Hudson. You will witness 17 miles of unsurpassed "Forever Wild Forest" and only accessible by rafting the region. Get the fever!


"For me, the Adirondacks are made of villages which people call their home. "About New York New York"! Whether native or new to the area, we all share the same love for the Adirondacks. It is no different than New York City, with its five boroughs and a mix of people from every walk of life. They call their apartments home, their neighborhoods a village and they live, work and play in the same public parks with open access adhering to the city's rules. Adirondack Trail Magazine explores current topics, some heated and controversial. This is why we call it "About New York New York".


Today, many travel to the Adirondacks to explore those six million acres of "Forever Wild" only to be greeted by a "Posted" sign". Recent legislation from our proactive "about New York New York" leadership, Governor Andrew Cuomo, is changing this restriction. Hike free and roam the Adirondack Trail and only from about New York New York. Special thanks to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Brock Garrison

Chief Photographer